Frequently Asked Questions

 Which devices work with FitzyTV?

• Amazon Fire TV
• Android Mobile
• Android Smart TVs
• iOS coming soon | Click here to get notified
• Roku is in development

 How do I set up $10 TV?

Check out the step by step guide here.

 How do I get more channels?

You can get more channels any time by navigating to the settings menu in the FitzyTV app. Select "Add/Remove TV Provider" to find and select any more channel providers you'd like to add to your FitzyTV account. 

Why is a channel missing?

FitzyTV works with all channels that support online streaming.

If a channel is missing and you think it supports streaming, go to the channel's website and try and log in with your provider. If you're successful and you don't see the channel in FitzyTV, please email us at

 How do I cancel my DVR service?

You can cancel from this page.

 All of a sudden my channels disappeared / I'm getting an authorization error when attempting to play a channel

Your authorization token most likely expired.
Please go to FitzyTV Settings -> Add / Remove TV providers and remove your provider and then add it again.

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